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Innovative Used Oil Recycling

Every year, millions of gallons of used motor oil present both a disposal problem and a missed opportunity. This oil, while unsuitable for its original purpose, contains vast energy.
With extensive backgrounds in the logistics industry, our experts have owned and operated asset-based transportation companies, skillfully navigating the complexities of moving dry, refrigerated, and bulk petroleum products across the United States.

During the period from 2012 to 2015, our team took the lead at Makers Group, a company dedicated to transporting petroleum products nationwide. This experience, coupled with our tenure at Noble Oil Services from 2001 to 2006, has laid a solid foundation for our current endeavors.

Our experts pioneered the establishment of a UMO to VGO vacuum distillation facility and constructed a $100 million facility in Baytown, TX. Our innovative spirit has driven us to develop a proprietary process for de-ashing UMO, creating bunker-grade ship fuel. Our successful facility management in Houston, Phoenix, and New Castle, DE, showcases our ability to lead and innovate, ensuring sustainable and efficient operations in used motor oil recycling.

Fueling a Greener Future

Our rigorous fuel refinement process delivers multiple environmental benefits. Our fuel has a sulfur below regulatory limits, dramatically cutting harmful sulfur oxide emissions

Transforming Used Motor Oil into Valuable Marine Fuel

Clean Loop Group’s innovative technology extracts energy from used motor oil. Converts potential environmental hazards into valuable resources for the maritime industry

Environmental Benefits of Our Refined Fuel

Sulfur Reduction: Fuel contains only 0.2% sulfur, well below regulatory limits.
Cleaner Combustion: Optimized for marine engines, promotes efficient burning and reduces emissions.

Cost-effective and Sustainable Fuel Solution

‘Green’ fuel solution without compromising profitability. It is a highly cost-effective process, up to 20% cheaper than traditional alternatives.

Sustainability aligns with profitability with Clean Loop Group

1 mo
Production capacity reached
$ 1 m
Facility Development
Operating Managers
4 m
Facility build-out

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Navigating Success Together

Transform Your Future

Innovation. Revolution. Future.

Expertise in Refinery and Logistics

CLG's operating team has deep experience in critical areas, including refinery operations and ground & water logistics

Revolutionizing Plants

CLG's team of technicians and experts has developed an innovative process that revolutionizes the purification and recycling of used motor oil for its transformation

Engine-Optimized Fuel

Tailored for marine engines, our fuel is designed to burn efficiently, thereby reducing emissions and enhancing the overall health of ship engines

Advancing Sustainability

Embracing the importance of sustainability, Clean Loop Group is committed to unlocking the hidden potential of used motor oil, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future

Our Product

Forefront of Sustainable Fuel Innovation

At Clean Loop Group, we are dedicated to shaping the future of marine fuel. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, we continuously strive to meet the evolving needs of the maritime industry. As stricter shipping emissions regulations come into play, we stand ready with our advanced technology to provide solutions that comply with these regulations and exceed expectations.

Our vision extends beyond the present, exploring the potential expansion of our technology for other applications, ensuring a greener, more efficient future for marine fuel.

CLG's Process

Leading the Charge in Marine Fuel Innovation


CLG Transforms waste into resources

Used motor oil recycling initiatives like those undertaken by the Clean Loop Group exemplify the critical task of balancing our reliance on transportation with environmental responsibility. These efforts, often in collaboration with the petroleum industry, establish accessible collection points, preventing harmful oil contamination of waterways and groundwater. Remarkably, even after serving its purpose in an engine, used motor oil retains valuable properties, making proper recycling crucial for environmental sustainability.

Mitigating Environmental Threats

Clean Loop Group stands at the forefront of green initiatives, leveraging innovative technology to transform used motor oil into a valuable resource


CLG’s proprietary process uses a special combination of thermal treatment to purify the raw used motor oil


CLG facilities require a small footprint and minimal capital investment to establish a new location


CLG has identified 5-10 potential markets in the US for expansion