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Innovative Used Oil Recycling

The US produces over one billion gallons of used motor oil that, if disposed of or recycled correctly, is extremely harmful to wildlife and water supplies. The EPA estimates that over 200 million gallons of DIY-used oil are improperly disposed of annually in the US alone.

Clean Loop Group has developed a niche processing methodology that purifies the motor oil into a suitable blend component for fuel for ocean-going vessels exceeding IMO 2020 Marine Fuel Oil Specifications. 

Our Products

Fuel oil produced by CLG not only provides a complete environmental recycling solution for used motor oil but also provides an economic uplift


CLG’s proprietary process uses a combination of chemical and thermal treatment to purify the raw used motor oil


CLG facilities require a small footprint, few employees, and minimal capital investment to establish a new location


CLG has identified 5-10 potential markets in the US for expansion

Revolutionizing Environmental Responsibility: Clean Loop Group transforms used motor oil into profitable, eco-friendly fuel solutions, safeguarding wildlife and water supplies

Our Intention

CLG has developed a proprietary technology that purifies used motor oil for use in ocean-going vessels that is 50% higher quality than current alternatives and 20% cheaper

The Clean’s Loop Group technology has been commercialized in a facility that is 1/100 the footprint and upfront cost of legacy lubricant recycling refineries

The Clean’s Loop Group operating team has deep experience in critical areas, including refinery operations and ground & water logistics

We implement innovative processes that reduce waste and contribute to environmental sustainability. Our dedication to transforming discarded motor oil into valuable resources demonstrates our commitment to responsible practices

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Clean Loop Group

Used motor oil recycling initiatives like those undertaken by the Clean Loop Group exemplify the critical task of balancing our reliance on transportation with environmental responsibility. These efforts, often in collaboration with the petroleum industry, establish accessible collection points, preventing harmful oil contamination of waterways and groundwater. Remarkably, even after serving its purpose in an engine, used motor oil retains valuable properties, making proper recycling crucial for environmental sustainability.

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